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Cancelling your account is really easy, just follow the link below


Password Problems / Login issues

- Be sure to check that you typed your login infos properly, keep in mind that the login box is CASE SENSITIVE, please check your receipt to ensure you're entering them correctly

80% of the times, your browser is responsible of login issues, some advices here :

- when you enter your login infos for the first time, always use a blank window, clear your login box by erasing your stored logins, once its done, submit your infos one again.

If this does not solve the problem, please read below, or write us.

- Keep in mind that your browser MUST support 128 bit encryption to be able to sign up with CCBILL - updating your browser is the best way to avoid future problems...

- Display issues can generaly be solved by updating your graphic card drivers, using old drivers may result in very poor quality of result when viewing our content.

- INTERNET EXPLORER USERS / AOL USERS : disable the " auto resize " function. Go to internet options, advanced toolbar, multimedia, and disable the function " automatic image resizing ".

- If you tried to hack the site by entering random usernames and passwords your IP might be logged as abusive. In that case try back in a while or disconnect and reconnect so that your IP changes...

- Before attempting to login again also restart the computer.

Reading / Downloading Movies

- You can watch all the videos on the integrated Flash HD player or download them on your computer by simply right clicking + 'save as' on the icons (H264 - IPod - WMV) found on each movie page.

- If you have problems reading the videos, this can be generally solved by updating the video codecs on your computer.



Pennywise, our protection system, will detect frauds and block accounts used on multiple IPs.

For any other questions, please send your requests here